My Crazy Ex
My body is for my guitar, my cats, and saving the lives of NYC when hurricanes hit.
email from my psychotic ex
Court went well. The order of protection was dropped and that chic was exposed for the liar that she is.
Old emails from my crazy ex.  Just a tidbit before I get into the really deep stuff.  The restraining order probably should have not been dropped.  Just saying.
My crazy ex

So today I just started this blog because I decided I am through with dealing with my PSYCHOTIC ex negatively.  I decided it would be way more comical for me, and in a sense “de-stressifying” (yes I am pretty sure I made up that word) to blog to the public about all the psychoness I have endured and maybe other people can send in their stories to me either anonymously or not, and we can all kind of meet here and laugh it off and realize how much better off we are now. =) I already feel great and I haven’t even said one word about her yet.  This is going to be great, I can tell.  Will be posting soon!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ta ta for now!!